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find a leak

trouble shooting with thirty five years plus experience

maintenance like an oil change in your car is very important

Finding and replacing unsound conditions is necessary

Attention to detail

Things are getting better

Pride means Proud to us

Love this Color

I like tile as well as other applications. We always injoy looking back at the completed project with pride

completing a bueatiful job well worth bragging about.

Ramone paying attention to detail

Silicone system is a very good option versus the cost of a total reroof.

Preparation of a built up roofing system is to remember that cleanliness is next to , you know.

Really happy with this process

If we can't fix it, It ain't broke

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07.04 | 20:04

If you're looking for window and siding contractors in Ijamsville, Eastern Exteriors is the best choice.

15.09 | 16:28

These guys are very hard workers and are doing a fantastic job. They had six workers over here yesterday and four today. They're replacing a bunch of fascia.

04.06 | 19:53

estimate reroof on 2735 PFE Road. 20x30 shed.

07.03 | 18:15

I am in need of roof repair. I have one corner of the eves that has dry rot and a fascia needing repaired and replaced.